Osmeli Delgado

What inspires me to create are the life lessons that I’ve gotten through different experiences. I believe we are a spirit living in a body so each experience brings us spiritually to a new state of consciousness or maturity, if we are willing to see the message within them.

In my life, I have found myself walking many different paths and engaging in actions that were dictated more by what came my way and what others expected of me than my deepest and yet unspoken desires. During this time my heart barely stirred and nothing that I did awoke the passions within it.

Leaving home and coming to a new country in search of my true identity made me experience a strong and long transformation process that led me recognize the emotions as tools that sculpted and bared who I really was. Be an observer and not part of my feelings allowed me to live this process differently and recognize the beauty in each emotion.

From this learning I started to explore the symbolism of the heart as the center point of existence and from where everything starts to move.

I express my vision across many mediums, including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

Moving from the shape of the heart to its intangible effect as it is the rhythm, the movement and the constant fluidity of life is what I seek to express and experiment in and through my art.

The objective I seek through my art is to assist the viewer in connecting with their inner world and through this contemplation experience a moment of meditation and awakening.